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1. What can I expect during the first treatment?

I will complete a thorough patient intake to assess your current condition. After a discussion on what your goals are for treatment, I will outline the best course of care for you. Treatment could include TCM modalities such as cupping, electro-stimulation, herbal medicine consultation and dietary advice.

2. How do I prepare for the first treatment?

In order to get the most benefit from your acupuncture treatment, a few considerations can be taken into account.

Be sure to eat within the last 4 hours prior to the treatment. 

Heavy meals immediately before treatment may cause nausea, while an empty stomach may cause dizziness.
Bring a list of medications and supplements that you are taking.
Avoid wearing make up or perfume, especially on your first visit.
Avoid food and beverages that may change the colour of your tongue.
Do not drink alcohol prior to the visit.

After the acupuncture treatment:

Rest is preferable.  Make the day as relaxed as possible.
Do not drink alcohol.
Avoid excessive eating, especially of refined foods.
Avoid strenuous activities.

3. Does acupuncture hurt?

You may feel a slight stinging sensation, like a mosquito bite when the needle first enters the skin.  Then patients usually describe the feeling as a pressure or heaviness around the area.

4. What are the side effects?

Although generally painless, there are possible side effects from acupuncture such as: bruising, numbness or tingling, dizziness or fainting, weakness, tiredness, nausea, minor swelling, bleeding, temporary pain or discomfort, hematoma at the puncture site, or blistering at the Moxabustion site.  A sensation of light-headedness may occur after treatment and/or temporary aggravation of existing symptoms.  

5. How big are the needles?

The needles are quite thin - thinner than a strand of human hair.  They are also single use disposable needles, so there's no chance of contamination.

6. How long are the treatments?

Each session is 45 - 60 minutes long.

7. Does my insurance cover the treatments?

Many employee benefit programs do have acupuncture coverage.  Check with your health/medical insurance provider to confirm.

Cindy Le