​Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCMD

Calgary College of TCM and Acupuncture

Registered Acupuncturist, R.Ac. (CAAA)

CalgaryCollege of TCM and Acupuncture

Registered Massage Therapist, RMT (NHPC)

Calgary College of TCM and Acupuncture

Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology, B.Sc.

University of Alberta

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B.Sc, RMT, R.Ac., TCMD

Cindy Le

"You deserve a life with less pain, better sleep and calmer days.

With acupuncture, I will help you achieve your balanced life.”

"Welcome! My name is Cindy Le. I am an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Over my years of practise, I continue to learn more about TCM, the human body and the spirit. I am constantly impressed by TCM's simplicity, in awe of its scope and inspired by its results!

Having the great privilege of being a positive part of someone's life is the reason why I love going to work.  From the excitement of a successful pregnancy, to the relief of a good night's sleep, I get to see how adaptive our bodies can be and I strive to help you achieve your own victories."

Cindy, a mom of two very curious boys, understands that life can get busy.  After completing her four-year program in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a practicum at the prestigious China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, Cindy continues to study in numerous courses.  With a keen interest in pain management, women's health, digestive disorders, pediatrics and nutrition, she works to educate and support those seeking help.  Appreciating each person's unique response to treatment, Cindy employs different techniques to address his/her concerns.  

When not in the clinic she enjoys all things food, the outdoors and the occasional aerial yoga class for a good laugh.